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0:30 Why use my own Google Drive?
0:50 What is Google Drive?
1:42 How to find Google Drive?
2:15 Download +Upload your backup website folder
3:30 Organize by color

No need to relink these documents,
Save merely as a backup.

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Continue learning if you are customizing your website yourself...

0:50 How Carrd is different than other website builders
3:41 4 Tips for a faster editing session
4:52 How to use the Table of Contents
6:42 2 Error messages when editing
8:32 How to find my website in carrd.

Carrd Resouces:

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Personalization now offered FREE!

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0:18 What is Canva?
0:55 How to access my website images in Canva?
1:07 Benefits of a PRO Canva account*
1:39 How to download an image with a transparent background?

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ONE- 🖤 Add the personal touch
TWO- 🔎 Get familiar with the website content
THREE- 🎉 Share with your team!
FOUR- 🔓 Consider password protection

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Wanting Help?

1:26 How to access my images in Canva?
1:26 How to download transparent image

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